Frequently Asked Questions

Montana Wedding Venue & Corporate Retreat

What is your guest capacity?

During the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons (May - October) we can accommodate up to 125 guests.  

During the Winter season (November - April) we can accommodate up to 100 guests.

What kind of tables and seating do you provide?

Included in all of our bookings are our modern-style wood and steel rectangular dining tables and our beautiful wood X-back chairs.  These are stained a light color to match the wood details inside the Ballroom. We have many different seating arrangements based on your event size that you can choose from (or we can help you make up your own). We also provide different sized tables for cakes, gifts, guest book, buffet, cocktails, sweetheart, etc. We provide tables and chairs to accommodate a reception of up to 125 guests.

For your ceremony, we provide up to 125 modern black aluminum chairs. 

Do you allow paper lanterns, fireworks, smoking or outdoor candles at White Raven?

Our venue is situated in a very picturesque mountain setting, surrounded by beautiful forests.  We feel it is far to great of a risk to the surrounding environment to allow paper lanterns or fireworks of any kind (With the exception of sparklers. Sparklers may be allowed on the veranda and front lawn, depending on the conditions, and must be approved of by White Raven staff).  We allow candles inside the Venue and outside on the concrete veranda.  For locations outdoors, off of the concrete, we suggest the use of led candles, no flames.  All smoking must be confined to the designated area (the fire pit and parking lot).

Do you host more than one event at a time at White Raven? Will there be other guests staying on-site?

No.  White Raven is designed to be your Private Retreat.  You and your invitees will enjoy exclusive access to the entirety of the grounds for the duration of your stay. 

What is the walk through?

The walk through is a chance for you to meet with us to finalize; seating layout, table design, decor, your desired timeline, vendor information, estimated guest count, inclement weather plan, and other details.  This meeting will take about an hour and we will schedule it with you approximately 30 days before your event.  

When can we rehearse our ceremony?

If you choose to include a rehearsal, you may schedule this on the Thursday before your wedding. You, your family, wedding party, and officiant may attend this rehearsal, practice the ceremony processional and recessional, and go through general information regarding the order of events. This rehearsal is included in all wedding bookings and should last no more than one hour. 

What do you do in cases of inclement weather?

The White Raven Ballroom or covered Veranda can be easily used for your ceremony location in cases of inclement weather.  We will work with you during your walk through to discuss arrangements for set-up during such weather.  White Raven staff can quickly and easily set-up and take-down the indoor ceremony prior to the following reception.

Can I bring my own caterer?

Yes.  We have no restrictions on caterers, we do have recommendations for good local caterers but you can use anyone you'd like.

Can I have a pot luck style event or bring/make my own food?

No.  All food service must be provided by a licensed caterer or food service establishment.  A good caterer is well worth it and we are happy to provide recommendations for every budget. 

What is your alcohol policy?

Pulled straight from our contract: As the host of a private party, the CLIENT acknowledges responsibility for the proper and lawful consumption of alcoholic beverages at White Raven during the duration of the event described in this contract. Alcoholic beverages will be purchased and served by the CLIENT or through a responsible agent chosen by the CLIENT. The CLIENT and/or its agent will exercise due care in serving alcoholic beverages, and will refuse service to any person appearing to be under the age of 21 or any person who appears to be intoxicated. Identification and proof of age will be requested from any person who appears to be under 21 years of age. Alcoholic beverages will be removed from anyone believed to be a minor or from any intoxicated person. The CLIENT and/or its agent will provide all alcoholic beverages consumed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of Montana. “Cash bars” are only allowed when operated by a licensed catering service.  The alcoholic beverage service will end no later than 10:30PM. The CLIENT agrees to fully cooperate and assist White Raven LLC, in enforcing the laws of the State of Montana and the policies of White Raven LLC regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Do you offer any lodging at White Raven?

Yes! We offer two of the nicest accommodations you will find anywhere in NW Montana.  Our Driftside main family cabin, offering overnight accommodations for up to 16 people, and our intimate and amazing Cliffside couples retreat.  Visit our accommodations page for more info.

Do you allow camping on-site?

No, we do not allow tent camping or RV camping on the grounds.  If you are looking to camp, there are numerous campsites in and around the Alberton area.

Are you handicap accessible

Yes, the Venue at White Raven is handicap accessible and built to current ADA standards.  The grounds also feature many asphalt trails and the gravel trails are groomed to make movement as easy as possible. We also have a golf cart available on site for those who may need it. 

Do you have on-site restrooms?

Yes. We have beautiful multi-person men's and women's restrooms.  Both are handicap accessible and the women's restroom provides a baby changing station. 

Do you allow dogs?

To our Couples; If it's your dog and you want them to be a part of your celebration, then by all means bring them! 

To our Guests; Your dog(s) are not allowed, please leave them at home.  You may love your dog, but that doesn't mean they belong at someone else's event.  And please do not plan on bringing them and leaving them in a hot car in the parking lot.  Keep our furry friends safe; Plan ahead and arrange care.

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to your event contract for information on our cancellation and return policy.

Are taxes included?

There are no sales taxes in Montana, and thus no taxes on your Venue booking.  We will add the standard 8% Montana Lodging Tax onto all of our overnight accommodations.  

Do you require event liabilty insurance?

Yes.  We require you to obtain insurance, as it helps to protect yourself & us from any issues or damages that may arise at your event.  We will need you to provide an Event Insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000.00 listing White Raven LLC as the certificate holder for the duration of the event. In addition, the Event Insurance policy must also contain Alcohol coverage.  The minimum limits of the policy should be as follows:

Each Occurrence: $1,000,000.00

Damage to Rented Premises: $100,000.00

Med Exp (any one person): $5,000

Personal and Adv Injury: $1,000,000.00

General Aggregate: $2,000,000.00

Products - Comp/Op Agg: $1,000,000.00

Host Liquor Liability: Yes

Deductible: Your choosing

These policies are very affordable (~$125 for a 150 person event) and can be purchased easily online.  In fact, click here for a prefilled out enrollment with

You can also contact us for a list of other good providers.